Ansaldo Nucleare is a company fully owned by Ansaldo Energia S.p.A.

 Ansaldo Nucleare is fully dedicated to the nuclear business and it has a consolidated presence in Italy while also maintaining its global reach.

 Our activities globally include:

 Supply of new nuclear power plants (as EPC contractor);

    Service to operating power plants;
    Decommissioning of nuclear plants and radioactive waste management;
    Research & Development activities for IV generation nuclear reactors, transmutation, and nuclear fusion.

 Together with qualified supplier worldwide, Ansaldo Nucleare designs and supplies main components for nuclear power plants, performes thermohydraulic analysis, core calculations, and safety analysis.

Our most recent installations on the international market were for the following plants: AP1000 Sanmen NPP Unit 1, VVER Mochovce NPP Unit 3 & 4, CANDU Cernavoda NPP Unit 1 & 2.

Ansaldo Nucleare is capable to supply a wide array of services to nuclear power plants based on various technologies (PWR, PHWR, BWR, Magnox). For what concerns decommissioning activities Ansaldo Nucleare has carried out and is currently involved in the decommissioning of nuclear installations in Italy (Caorso NPP, Garigliano NPP, G.Galilei RTS-1, ISPRA-1). When it comes to radioactive waste management, Ansaldo Nucleare has conducted studies and realized facilities in Italy and abroad (Ukraine, Lithuania), for the treatment of radioactive waste both liquid and solid, and by using consolidated technologies (e.g. bunkerized storage tanks) as well as experimental technologies such as Wet Oxidation.

Our companies is certified ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004, ASME N-Stamp.

Sede legale: ANSALDO NUCLEARE S.p.a. Via Lorenzi 8, 16152 Genova – Italy
Sede Operativa: ANSALDO NUCLEARE S.p.a. F.M. Perrone 25, 16152 Genova – Italy
Reg. Imprese Genova   P.IVA 02302610106
Cap. Soc. € 500.000 i.v. Società con Socio Unico Ansaldo Energia S.p.A.

Representative office in Bucharest:

Ansaldo Nucleare SpA

B.ul Dacia, 65 – Apt. 2

Bucharest Sector 1 (Romania)

Phone no. +40212113990

Fax -40212104047

Mr. Giovanni Villabruna – Head of the Offic